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Who We Are

Artful Media was established in 2016 and it is a company licensed in Canada and Turkey, it has a representative in the State of Kuwait, The experience of those in charge of the company extends for more than 15 years, which made its work extended to deal with more than 30 countries in separate and continuous contracts.

​What We Achieve

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More than 50 training and lectures in Artful Media Training Center


We collaborated with more than 300 Company and organization 


Visual identity design around the world for more than 200 brands


Creating more than 100 minutes of animation

Artful media team includes a number of experts, designers and illustrators specializing in animation and artistic production fields such as graphic design, kid’s illustration and motion graphics.

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عبر التواصل معنا بالضغط على زر تشات الوتس اب ادناه  


Roni Obaid

Founder and the art Director of artful Media Company that is licensed in Turkey, Canada, and Kuwait.

15 years of experience in advertising and artistic production. He worked for many large companies, including but not limited to (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Al Jazeera, MTN, Magill, Stefanel, and Rotana.

He established many media offices for organizations and provided consulting and marketing plans.

In the last three years, he created and developed more than a hundred brands around the world.

In the field of training, he provided many training and lectures in the fields of:

Branding - Media Campaigns - E-Marketing - Film Making - Animation Production - Graphic Design. He directed many ads and artworks, such as the Canadian animated series Buster and the animated film (The Veil).

He has authored several books, the most famous of which are (Color Theory) and (Digital Drawing Boards).

We are honored to work with

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